For Survey Sez... game shows, there are three important elements to our weekly Newsletter.

  • ON-TIME BONUS QUESTION   Every one of our game shows begin promptly at the time listed on our schedules and signs. The first question of each game is a pre-game bonus question in the style of a David Letterman Top Ten List. The goal of your team is to come up with a funny, yet appropriate, "Top" answer. Example: Top rejected movie sequel. Possible answers include: "Titanic II" "Rocky 5, oh wait, they did that one" "Gigli II:When will it end" "Star Trek 12: Spock's Really Dead This Time We Promise" "Anything Starring Mariah Carey" or anything you find potentially funny!
  • SUPER-SECRET NEWSLETTER BONUS   Each individual game will have a "BLURB" which is written by your particular host. Blurbs are located in the middle of the Newsletter and are listed in alphabetic order of the venue name. The Blurb is a short recap of the previous week's game and should include a message for players. This message varies from week to week and by host's preference. You could have to listen for a particular song, or simply draw a particular thing on your answer slip at a particular time in the game. Bonus rewards vary by game-type.
  • INFLATED PRIZE AWARDS  Many of our host venues have "House" teams who are playing our games along with everyone else. If a house team ever wins, they obviously cannot take the prize. Thus, if a house team wins, the prize value they would have won is rolled over into the next week's Top Prize. When you see the "Inflated Prize" image, you may choose to visit another venue to win a larger prize or increase the size of your team to gain an advantage.


  1. When to expect it and delivery details including missing emails
  2. How to locate your exclusive bonus points



  • Newsletters are sent out on Mondays between noon and 5pm and cover all of our  weekly events; Let's Do Trivia!, Speed Bingo, and Survey Sez...
  • The FIRST Newsletter you will receive after signing up will come this Monday. Signing up after the Newsletter goes out will not get you the previous Newsletter.
  • Because we have over 40 weekly events, the Newsletter is long. This causes some email providers (gmail, for example) to "truncate" our Newsletter, making it appear as though you cannot see the whole Newsletter. Your email service should provide a link that will open the full Newsletter in a new window.
  • We use "Constant Contact", a service that handles the distribution of our weekly Newsletters, it is impossible for us to simply "forget" to send to a particular email.  Nearly 5,000 emails are sent out at a staggered pace over a 15 minute period from the moment we hit "complete and send."
  • Because we send so many emails out at one time, many email handlers think we are spamming.  The result may be that our weekly newsletter could end up in a Spam folder, Trash folder, or Promotions folder.  Some email handlers simply delete the email without ever asking you what you'd like done with it.